How do I set up grease trap cleaning?

For grease trap cleaning, service requests and questions, please give us a call at 502-684-2192 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be sure to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Once we receive your request for service, we will provide you with a free cost estimate and confirm the date of servicing.

Do I have to set up a regular grease trap cleaning schedule?

While it is recommended that we manage and schedule your restaurant grease trap service on a routine basis, ensuring you meet all required regulations for your grease trap system and are able to remain up and running, we can often deliver quick and efficient service as needed.

Why do I have to have my grease traps cleaned?

Grease, wastewater and solid materials build up over time in your grease traps and interceptor system. This can result in clogged or congested pipelines leading to the main sewer line. Failing to properly clean grease traps and interceptors can mean violations and or closure due to unsanitary dining conditions.

How do I know when my grease traps need to be cleaned?

Depending on the size, production and consumption of your business, grease trap servicing increments needed can vary. For questions about your business’s sanitation needs, feel free to reach out to our expert team at 502-684-2192.

What kinds of businesses does Moon service?

As a Kentucky Restaurant Association Member, Moon has experience providing grease trap cleaning services for large restaurant chains, single location restaurants, as well as food preparation sites like nursing homes and childcare centers. We offer complete servicing, and no service request is too big or small.

Will Moon service outside of the Louisville Metro area?

With multiple locations, Moon Grease Trap Cleaning services grease traps, holding tanks, gray water and lift stations in Louisville, Kentucky as well as the surrounding counties including Southern Indiana. For questions pertaining to our service area, call us at 502-684-2192.

Is it really important for me to have a grease trap cleaning service?

Basically, as long as you are operating any facility that prepares food, it is very important that you consider having a grease trap cleaning service. Once you have a grease trap installed, it will make your work easier when it comes to the removal of grease from your water treatment system. In the long run, this will go so far in increasing the life cycle and expectancy of any of the systems, fixtures, and appliances that are connected to your grease trap system. Keep in mind that something as simple as a grease trap cleaning by Moon Grease Trap Cleaning in Louisville, Kentucky will, in fact, go on to save you maintenance costs for the entire system in the long run. Learn more about why it helps to hire a professional grease trap cleaning service.

Is it mandatory for me to install grease trap equipment at my establishment?

It IS mandatory to have grease trap equipment or grease interceptor equipment installed at your facility and to have it cleaned regularly. In fact, you could be fined for not having a grease trap installed in your premise under different by-laws instituted in different regions. The fines could also vary from one location to another. To be on the safe side, get a professional Louisville, KY grease trap cleaning service company, like Moon Grease Trap Cleaning, to provide grease trap cleaning services as frequently as necessary.

What does a restaurant owner need to know about handling grease?

Regardless of the types of food and drink a restaurant offers, grease is an inevitable challenge.  Some restaurants have to deal with a lot of grease, while others manage lesser amounts.  Estimates from the National Restaurant Association (NRA) project that restaurants generate upwards of 5 billion pounds of grease a year. Knowing how to effectively handle grease to prevent problems is a very important task for every food establishment.

Every restaurant and food establishment can do certain things to help reduce the amount of fats, oils and grease that go down the drain. This is important since taking precautionary measures when dealing with grease saves restaurants time, money and hassles.

As an experienced grease trap cleaning company with many years of experience, follow along for some helpful tips to keep your restaurant grease traps functioning optimally.