Ghost Kitchens are a New Restaurant Model

What Are Ghost Kitchens? Inside The Revolutionary Food Industry Trend

Ever heard of “ghost kitchens”? Also known as virtual kitchens, shadow kitchens, and cloud kitchens, this new restaurant model offers delivery-only and pickup-only food offerings. That means there’s nowhere to sit and no definable storefront. Customers must place orders online, call, use third party apps, or use drive-throughs to get their food. 

While similar “kitchen-only” food preparation and processing facilities have existed for decades, “ghost kitchens” are unique in that they are technically restaurants, just without seating. In doing so, they lower overhead and operational costs, free up parking, and are able to produce much more food at faster rates. 

Ghost kitchens have grown in recent years for several reasons. For one, the rise of food delivery apps such as Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash has opened up a huge market for food delivery. This trend has only continued to increase during the pandemic, as physical storefronts were forced to close down and people stayed at home to stay safe. Now, as we face unprecedented supply chain and food industry issues, costs of food production are higher than ever. Many restaurants and chefs have turned to ghost kitchens as a way to save money and stay in business. 

Inside Louisville’s Newest Ghost Kitchen

This March, Chicago’s Jerk Tacos opened up in West Louisville. Located on South 30th Street, this Caribbean-style restaurant offers jerk pizza, jerk tacos, and more, all with no physical seating. Customers must place an order online or by calling. 

According to owner and executive chef Aaron Williams, this business model helps cut overhead costs, allowing them to provide high quality food at lower prices. In coming months, we’ll likely see more and more restaurants turning to this business model or similar endeavors.

Grease Trap Cleaning in Louisville, Kentucky

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Eat at these restaurants in Southern Indiana in 2022

Top Restaurants in Clarksville, Indiana: A 2022 Guide

Did you know that Clarksville, Indiana is the home of the first Texas Roadhouse? Or that Clarksville has the 7th largest clock in the world, the Colgate Clock? Or that the largest exposed Devonian-era fossil bed happens to be in Clarksville? Or that the famous Lewis and Clark expedition supposedly began in Clarksville, with a handshake?

If you knew any of these facts, good job! Despite being right across the river from downtown Louisville, many people remain unaware of Clarksville’s unique attractions and fascinating history. With a population of barely 20,000 and small-town atmosphere, it’s easy to write-off Clarksville as merely a suburb of Louisville or New Albany. Of course, it’s anything but!

Highly-Rated Places to Eat in Clarksville, Indiana

What’s most underrated about Clarksville? Probably the town’s vibrant restaurant scene!

Food lovers, rejoice: Clarksville has dozens of highly-rated eateries to get your food-fix on at any time of day:

Love authentic seafood? Try Storming Crab’s “deliciously messy” Cajun eats! Their popular create-your-own combo includes a pound of your favorite seafood, whether it be lobster, scallop, mussel, king crab legs, crawfish, shrimp, or clam!

Craving a burger? Check out Bubba’s 33, a highly-rated sports bar featuring loveable American favorites like pizza, wings, sandwiches, and plenty of beer.

Want to see where it all began? Visit the original Texas Roadhouse, located at the Green Tree Mall. This beloved southwestern-themed chain steakhouse has racked up thousands of 5-star ratings at its Clarksville location.

Looking for a home-cooked meal? Try Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, a made-from-scratch eatery that has something for everyone: comfort food, burgers, ribs, gluten-free meals, specialty cocktails, decadent desserts, and salads. 

Sushi-lover? Pop into Kansai Japanese Steakhouse, home of the “best sushi in the area.” This fresh-made hibachi joint is known for its quality of service and craftsmanship. 

Seeking your local Elvis shrine? Visit Chuy’s, the iconic tex-mex chain known for its kitschy, eclectic decor and generous “big as yo’ face” burritos. Always-fresh food, hand-rolled tortillas, ten signature sauces, and dozens of yummy offerings always will put Chuy’s on the map.

Ready to get your greens in? Stop by Core Life Eatery, known for its delicious and healthy greens and grains bowls. We’re eyeing the Sweet Potato Buddha bowl, which features spinach, quinoa, black beans, chickpeas, red salsa, cotija, tortilla strips, and cilantro!

Want some theatre with that? Check out the Derby Dinner Playhouse, the only dinner-theatre in the region! Known for its incredible line-up of productions and savory traditional meals, the Derby Dinner Playhouse is a must-visit for locals and tourists alike!

Enjoy your pizza Chicago-style? Try Chicago City Pizza’s authentic deep-dish pizza. Don’t miss out on this cozy joint, located in the Green Tree Mall. Catch us drooling at the garlic parmesan breadsticks and cheese bread! 

Fan of an old-fashioned diner? Pay a visit to Golden Twist, a locally-owned ice cream shop and American eatery. Featuring dozens of desserts, an affordable daily lunch and dinner menu, homemade specials, and hot/cold sandwiches, you’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time in the best way at this beloved local favorite!

Own or Operate a Restaurant in Clarksville, Indiana?

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Try these 9 great restaurants, cafes, bars, bakeries, and eateries in Louisville and Jeffersonville Indiana 2021

9 New Restaurants To Try In Louisville and Southern Indiana, November 2021

The past year has been incredibly difficult for the food industry. Thousands of restaurants all over the country have been forced to close their doors for good. For many more, adaptation has become a part of daily life. From curbside pick-ups and QR code menus to the supply chain crisis and understaffing, the pandemic has created a number of unprecedented obstacles. 

The restaurant industry of Louisville and Southern Indiana is no exception. In 2020, over 40 beloved local eateries closed, such as Harvest, Spinelli’s, Buckhead Mountain Grill, Rye on Market, Hopcat, North End Cafe, Scarlet’s Bakery, Edie Merlot’s, Longboard’s, Desserts By Helen, Bistro 42, and many more. 

While we’re still mourning the loss of these great restaurants, it’s not all doom and gloom. Many new eateries have actually opened or reopened in Louisville in the past several months. What better way to invest in our region’s food industry this holiday season than by supporting these fledgling businesses? Keep reading to learn about 9 new (and returning) restaurants to visit this November.

1. Tha Drippin Crab

This gourmet seafood restaurant opened in the Russell neighborhood of Louisville this October. The brainchild of celebrity chef Darnell Ferguson, Tha Drippin Crab is sure to satisfy all of your seafood cravings. 

2. EggHolic 

Located on Hurstbourne Parkway in Louisville, EggHolic features authentic Indian street food, consisting of many egg-based dishes, sandwiches, curries, chaats, chicken, and more. 

3. Decca

This Nulu staple reopened in September after being closed since December 2020! Decca features a lounge, patio, and an all-new menu featuring upscale Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. 

4. Square Cut Pizza

This delightful new pizza joint opened in the Shelby Park neighborhood this October. The pizza is, in fact, squared shaped and cut–the traditional Roman style, as envisioned by Italy-trained Chef and owner Emil David. If you’re looking to refresh your pizza or charcuterie game, definitely check out Square Cut!

5. The Scoop Waffle & Sweet Shop

Located on the Charlestown-New Albany Pike in Jeffersonville, this brand new ice cream and waffle shop features a variety of homemade sweet and savory items, including the delectable “wamwich” (a waffle sandwich)! See more here

6. MozzaPi @ Ten20

MozzaPi, the Anchorage pizza and bread restaurant, has opened another location at TEN20, a new craft brewery in Butchertown. Popular for artisanal sourdough pizza and house-milled flour, MozzaPi is sure to thrill at its second location.  

7. Fort Royal Restaurant 

Love Caribbean or Haitian food? Try Fort Royal, recently opened on Southside Drive in Louisville. This authentic Caribbean joint has received rave Google reviews and features mouthwatering seafood such as red snapper, stewed shrimp, and fried tilapia. 

8. Germantown Social 

Located adjacent to the Germantown Mill Lofts, this new restaurant offers all kinds of food, including salads, sandwiches, and full dinner entrees. Visitors can expect to enjoy the dog-friendly patio, life music, and takeout/delivery options.

9. Close Enough Cafe 

This eclectic Jeffersonville eatery celebrated its grand opening on November 11th with a host of baked goods, deli sandwiches, and brunch entrees, plus Guiness, Kombucha, and Nitro Cold Brew on tap! Close Enough Cafe is sure to be a popular addition to the Spring Street Corridor, right across the Ohio River Walking Bridge.

Grease Trap Cleaning in Louisville and Southern Indiana

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