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Quality Grease Trap Cleaning Highlands Louisville

The Highlands is the name of a collective 13 neighborhoods in Louisville, KY. This area is located approximately 2 miles southeast of downtown Louisville. Known as “Restaurant Row,” the Highlands hosts a variety of eclectic and locally-owned restaurants, shops, bars, night clubs, and other attractions. With such a rich history and dynamic future, Moon is […]

What Should I Do With Used Cooking Oil in Louisville, KY?

Grease traps are a wonderful invention that commercial kitchens use to keep their systems running, appliances sanitary, procedures up to code, and fats, oils, and grease out of the water system. There is so much cooking oil needed to make things crispy, cooked fully, tasting good, and not sticking to anything – sounds like a […]

What Are Ghost Kitchens? Inside The Revolutionary Food Industry Trend

Ever heard of “ghost kitchens”? Also known as virtual kitchens, shadow kitchens, and cloud kitchens, this new restaurant model offers delivery-only and pickup-only food offerings. That means there’s nowhere to sit and no definable storefront. Customers must place orders online, call, use third party apps, or use drive-throughs to get their food.  While similar “kitchen-only” […]