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The Highlands is the name of a collective 13 neighborhoods in Louisville, KY. This area is located approximately 2 miles southeast of downtown Louisville. Known as “Restaurant Row,” the Highlands hosts a variety of eclectic and locally-owned restaurants, shops, bars, night clubs, and other attractions. With such a rich history and dynamic future, Moon is proud to offer the best grease trap cleaning in the Highlands, Louisville KY!

Introducing the Highlands in Louisville, KY

The Highlands have been around since the 1830s, and started off as a turnpike with intermittent tolls. However, as the population grew, it slowly shifted into residential and commercial hub that it is today. The Highlands include a 3-mile stretch of Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue. The intersection of Bardstown Road and Taylorsville Road/Trevillian Way to the intersection of Baxter Avenue and Lexington Road marks the commercial area. The residential area abuts neighborhoods like Phoenix Hill, Paristown, Germantown, and Clifton.

In total, the Highlands are made up of 13 neighborhoods:

  1. Original Highlands
  2. The Eastern Third of Phoenix Hill
  3. Irish Hill
  4. Cherokee Triangle
  5. Tyler Park
  6. Deer Park
  7. Bonnycastle
  8. Highlands-Douglass
  9. Belknap
  10. Strathmoor Manor (Upper Highlands)
  11. Strathmoor Village (Upper Highlands)
  12. Wellington (Upper Highlands)
  13. Kingsley (Upper Highlands)

Each neighborhood has special qualities and little quirks that make them the “weird” of Louisville. Altogether, they create an area of the city that is beloved by many and full of things to do. Learn more below!

Things to Do in the Highlands, Louisville KY

Restaurants in the Highlands Louisville

The Highlands are not known as “Restaurant Row” for nothing – there is no shortage of places to eat and or have a drink here!

For local Louisville eats, you can eat at any of the unique restaurants:

  • Jack Fry’s offers a nostalgic sports aesthetic and tasty southern menu.
  • The Fat Lamb pushes culinary limits and serves creative dishes from celebrity chef Dallas McGarity.
  • Gralehaus is a coffee shop, brunch spot, and biergarten all in one converted church location!
  • Heart and Soy/Roots is a tea house that also introduces vegetarian Asian culinary options.
  • Kebab House serves up highly-rated Mediterranean and Middle Eastern kebabs, hummus, and sandwiches.
  • Ramsi’s Cafe On the World puts an international menu to work with a wide spread of dishes in a funky bistro setting.
  • GOGi 1055 Korean BBQ offers the traditional Korean barbecue tradition of grilling your own meats at the table.
  • Cosmic Bird is a one-of-a-kind vegan chicken sandwich joint.
  • Sapporo Japanese Grill & Sushi provides upscale traditional and modern sushi rolls.
  • Seviche: A Latin Restaurant serves lavish Latin dishes and is lead by celebrity chef Anthony Lamas.
  • The Purrfect Day Cafe is Louisville’s local cat cafe, where you can have a coffee and a cuddle with adoptable cats and kittens.
  • Kizito Cookie Factory offers several homemade cookie flavors and sells Ugandan folk art to honor the owner’s roots!

Bars and Breweries

The Highlands are not only a hub for restaurants! There are plenty of places to kick back and enjoy a drink of your choice. If you visit Louisville looking for the trademarked bourbon and whiskey, then check out Neat Bourbon Bar and Bottle Shop. Alternatively, you can find a selection of spirits at Wiseguy Lounge, Epiphany, or the dog park bar, PG&J’s!

There are also bars and breweries to hang out at that serve specialty and draft beers. Big Bar and the Chill Bar Highlands are popular gay bars within walking distance from each other. Several Irish pubs like Molly Malone’s, Flanagan’s Ale House, and O’Shea’s populate the road. In and around the Highlands, you can also find Louisville breweries in all forms. From Hi-Wire Brewing, TEN20 Craft Brewing, Awry Brewing, and Against the Grain to the atmospheric gastropub, Holy Grale, the Highlands has something for everyone.


One of the primary attractions of the Highlands is its walkability. There are several fun shops to visit here! If you are in the area, check out the thrift and vintage stores like Fat Rabbit Thrift, Acorn Apparel, The Capsule, The Groovy Aura, or Hey Tiger. Other interesting and local shops include Dirty Tease Custom Print Shop, Electric Ladyland, Leatherhead, Enchanted Elm Arts and Gifts, Dot Fox, Matt Anthony’s Record Shop, and The Great Escape comic shop!


The Highlands have plenty of eclectic architecture from many periods of time. In fact, it is so rich in history that Louisville Food Tours created a walking food and history tour for the Highlands! You can admire the historic Victorian homes, lasting apartment buildings, and other architecture that have withstood the test of time. Several of the building also feature unique murals and street art. Take a walk around and find your favorite!

Louisville Parks

Within its 3-mile stretch, the Highlands hosts two large greenspaces: Cherokee Park and Cave Hill Cemetery. Cherokee Park is part of the Olmsted park system that also includes parks like Iroquois Park and Shawnee Park. It includes 389 acres and is complete with a 2.4 mile scenic loop, golf course, dog run, and several biking and hiking trails.

Nearby Attractions

The location of the Highlands is convenient for those looking for the many attractions of Louisville. Relatively central, it has easy access to:

  • The Speed Art Museum
  • The Louisville International Airport
  • Louisville Mega Cavern
  • The Logan Street Market
  • The Louisville Zoo

Moon Grease Trap Cleaning in the Highlands, Louisville KY

Moon Grease Trap Cleaning is the best grease trap cleaning service in Louisville, KY. We provide grease interceptor cleaning and grease trap cleaning to the Highlands neighborhoods and the surrounding areas. We have over 20 years of experience serving Louisville’s food industry with our top-of-the-line PROVac machines, and would love to serve your business, too!

Our grease trap cleaning service is available to any business that generates brown grease and/or other food process waste as part of their operation, such as:

  • Restaurants, cafes, and bakeries
  • Hotels
  • Pubs and bars
  • Stadiums
  • Daycares
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Food service establishments
  • Commercial cafeterias
  • Food processors

Our environmentally-friendly disposal methods can be used once or set on a convenient schedule. You won’t have to worry about dirty grease traps with Moon! Keep your grease traps and grease interceptors up to date with food safety ordinances with Moon Grease Trap Cleaning. We deal with all the fats, oil, and grease (FOG) in your restaurant so that you don’t have to. Call to schedule your grease trap cleaning in the Highlands at 502-776-2199.

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