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Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Grease Trap Cleaning Service

As a grease trap cleaning service with many years of experience working with restaurants and food establishments across the Louisville, Kentucky and Lexington, Kentucky region, we sometimes get asked what the benefits of hiring our services are as opposed to handling grease disposal in house.

While some businesses may opt to handle grease trap cleaning in-house, there are many benefits to hiring a company like Moon.  Follow along to learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional grease trap cleaning service to take care of your needs.

7 Benefits of Hiring A Professional To Clean Your Grease Traps


Let Someone Else Handle The Mess.

As you might expect, handling Fats, Oils and Grease aka “FOG” can be very messy. Fortunately we have many years of experience handling every grease trap cleaning scenario. Despite that, the job is messy and there is little way to avoid getting dirty while getting it done right.

Let Someone Else Handle The Stink.

Cleaning out grease traps is not only a messy job, but it is a smelly one too. Our grease trap cleaning pros know how to do everything possible to minimize odors during the cleaning process. They can also provide helpful tips to further assist with this in your normal operational day-to-day.

Use The Right Equipment.

Moon Grease Trap Cleaning has invested thousands of dollars in the best equipment for the job. This includes the top of the line provac machines made by Conde that we use to suction out the grease from your grease traps as well as the huge holding tanks we have on our vehicles to transport the grease for processing.

Get The Job Done At A Convenient Day & Time.

The Moon Grease Trap Cleaning team services companies at all hours of the day. Many of our customers prefer early morning appointments before customers are on the premises. Regardless of time of day, we can work to meet your schedule. This frees you up to do all the other jobs that need to get done to keep your business running effectively.

Make Sure Your Equipment Is In Good Shape.

We have seen thousands of grease traps over the years. With this experience, it is easy for us to tell if your grease trap has any potential problems. During our grease trap cleaning services, we are also inspecting your machine. You will be the first to get alerted if there are any damaged parts that need replacing.

Stay Compliant.

Grease trap cleaning is required for restaurants and food establishments in the Louisville and Lexington Kentucky region. Our experienced grease trap cleaning professionals make sure your grease trap practices are compliant with any regulations. This includes handling all required paperwork and appropriate disposal of the wastes. This saves you time and gives you peace of mind so that you can focus on other aspects of your job.

Get Grease Trap Advice From The Pros.

There are many different types of grease traps ranging greatly in size and materials. With our experience serving so many, our technicians can provide excellent grease trap related grease. This spans the gamut from helpful tips on simple things you can do to reduce the smell accumulating in your grease traps, to the best types of grease trap designs for your specific needs.

Moon Grease Trap Cleaning has been servicing restaurants and food establishments throughout the Louisville Kentucky and Lexington Kentucky area for many years. Our grease trap cleaning technicians service restaurants and food establishments of every size ranging from large national chains to one location businesses.

For additional information including a free quote, give us a call today at 502-776-2199.  We service grease traps throughout Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana.