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10 Things to Look For in a Grease Trap Cleaner

10 Things to Look For in a Grease Trap Cleaner If you’re new to grease trap cleaning, the process of maintaining your business’s grease traps can seem overwhelming and complex. However, by hiring a professional grease trap cleaner to do the job, you can rest assured that your business will remain up and running. Here […]

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Grease Trap Cleaning in Lexington Kentucky

Are you looking for quality grease trap cleaning in Lexington Kentucky? Moon Grease Trap Cleaning offers professional grease trap maintenance to businesses in Lexington, Kentucky and has experience servicing large restaurant chains as well as food preparation sites and small eateries.  Why Do I Need To Get My Grease Trap Cleaned? Lexington, Kentucky is home […]

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5 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Clean

Looking to keep your commercial kitchen clean?   As a restaurant owner, you know that your establishment is judged by the quality of your service and food. Unsanitary conditions in food prep and cooking areas can prove to be hazardous not just for your customers but employees too. Surfaces, equipment, and areas that have been […]

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Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Grease Trap Cleaning Service

As a grease trap cleaning service with many years of experience working with restaurants and food establishments across the Louisville, Kentucky and Lexington, Kentucky region, we sometimes get asked what the benefits of hiring our services are as opposed to handling grease disposal in house. While some businesses may opt to handle grease trap cleaning […]

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8 Tips Every Restaurant Should Follow For Cleaner Grease Traps

8 Tips Every Restaurant Should Follow For Cleaner Grease Traps Regardless of the types of food and drink a restaurant offers, grease is an inevitable challenge.  Some restaurants have to deal with a lot of grease, while others manage lessor amounts.  Estimates from the National Restaurant Association (NRA) project that restaurants generate upwards of 5 […]